How to create a profile on Proof of Humanity

Step by step, how to successfully create a profile on Proof of Humanity

Maxi Rosson
7 min readMar 19, 2022


Proof of Humanity is a system combining social verification with video submission in order to create a Sybil-proof list of humans. It is meant to be used by individuals as a point-of-entry to a myriad of new use cases that require Sybil-resistance to be able to be deployed at scale and also to be plugged into a variety of existing and new applications in need for such identity systems.

Proof Of Humanity is launching with Democracy Earth’s UBI Token. The verified humans will be the first fully decentralized UBI recipients. Universal basic income (UBI) is a program for a periodic payment delivered to all individuals of a given population with no strings attached.

Let’s see how to successfully create a profile

Create a public Ethereum Wallet

Install Metamask extension on your browser and create a public account

With public, we mean that the account is going to be tied to your public profile on Proof of Humanity, so you shouldn’t use your regular account.

Create an EthMail account

ETHMail is an email hosting service. It provides mailboxes for all people who have Ethereum wallets. It’s a simple way to send messages to people who we don’t know anything about except for their Ethereum address.

This step is important because you can receive notifications about your Proof of Humanity profile submission status there.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to this site:
  2. Login with yourEthereum Wallet

3. On the Which wallet you want to use? screen, pick Metamask and then select your public account



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