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  • Paulo Oreda

    Paulo Oreda

  • Samith Premathilaka

    Samith Premathilaka

    Android developer, machine learning newbie, Enthusiast on accessibility TechForGood subjects

  • Thanel


  • Technicalsubratag


  • Chihau Chau

    Chihau Chau

    Software Engineer and Professor of Computer Science. I'm interested in Android, Linux and Git

  • Tim Leung, Ph.D.

    Tim Leung, Ph.D.

    Boeing Professor of Applied Math & Director of the Computational Finance & Risk Management (CFRM) Program at UW; Senior Research Advisor.

  • chao yin

    chao yin

  • Oluwaseyi Ayodele

    Oluwaseyi Ayodele

    Android Developer | Community Lead | Technical Writer | Tech Enthusiast, Speaker | Advocate of New Technologies | Ex-DSC Lead&Mentor.

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