Books That Shaped My Journey: A Personal Reading List

These are the books that left a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth.

Maxi Rosson


Learned Lessons

This is a summary of the most important lessons learned from my personal reading list:

Time management & Productivity

  • the mind should be free from worry and distractions, allowing individuals to focus on the task at hand
  • the importance of time management, and how to prioritize tasks
  • set goals for yourself and work towards them
  • self-discipline is a key ingredient for achieving success
  • develop a mindset of continuous improvement, learn from failure, and take action toward their goals.


  • take risks and not be afraid of failure
  • be adaptable and flexible
  • take responsibility for one’s own life
  • don’t lie


  • consistent changes in one’s daily habits can lead to significant improvements over time
  • create an environment that supports good habits
  • measure progress in your good habits

Social Skills

  • have a strong network of contacts and build strong relationships
  • understand the needs and desires of others
  • be a good listener
  • the importance of effective communication
  • the importance of teamwork


  • the importance of financial education
  • focus on acquiring assets and minimizing liabilities
  • financial freedom is the ultimate goal of financial education
  • pay yourself first: set aside at least 10% of your income for savings and investments before spending money on other expenses
  • live below your means
  • have an emergency fund and saving for retirement




Maxi Rosson

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